10 Blogs That Make You Think, You Should Read Right Now

There are many blogs that aim to inspire thought and reflection. However, the reality is many are woefully far from achieving this.

In order to overcome these issues, we have done the research and found what we consider to be 10 of the best blogs to make you think on the web right now.

A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50

With over a decade of content Judy Freedman’s blog is one of the best resources on life after 50 on the web. In particular, Judi’s posts on yoga, mindfulness and meditation are brilliant.

Adventures of the New Old Farts

Laura Lee Carter’s blog is a inspiring site which follows Laura’s experiences in retirement in the Colorado mountains. Laura will challenge you to reconsider your own personal biases and views on the world.

An Empowered Spirit

Cathy Chester is simply inspiring. Despite suffering from MS, Cathy has taken the time to produce a magnificent blog that provides both inspiring but useful content about life after 50 with a disability.

Art of Wellbeing

Art of Wellbeing is a excellent blog focused on psychology and personal development. The blog is for all ages and is filled with useful content.

As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By is a site that has been online for many years. Ronni (the writer) is not afraid to ask tough questions about society and how we treat older people in it.

Becoming Encore

Booming Encore produces content targeted towards helping baby boomers enjoy this important time in their lives. We particularly find their content on a “healthy mind” to be extremely insightful.

Feisty Side of Fifty

Feisty Side of Fifty is a blog and radio channel that seeks to help women over 50 enjoy and succeed in life. The content in relation to finding a job is some of the most useful you will find online.

Kathy’s Retirement Blog

Kathy’s Retirement Blog is a beautiful site that focus on the emotional and psychological transition from career to retirement. The content is refreshing and inspiring.

SMART Living 365

If you are looking for original content on getting in the “right head space” in retirement, then look no further than Smart Living 365.

This Chair Rocks

This Chair Rocks tackles the hard issue of age discrimination head on. Ashton (the writer) questions and will open your eyes to the current ageism in our world.

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