10 Relationship Blogs You Should Read Right Now

If you have ever looked for relationship tips online, I am sure you quickly discovered that half of all relationship bloggers do not know a hell of a lot.

In order to overcome these issues, we have done the research and found what we consider to be 10 of the best relationship blogs on the web for you to read right now!

A Satisfying Retirement

An extraordinary blog that follows Bob Lowry’s life in retirement. There is advice about all stages of retirement on his site, but our favourite is his advice on relationships and family.

After Fifty Living

Another fantastic resource for retirees. After Fifty Living has information for all people, but the variety of posts and content on relationships is exceptional.

Dr Melanie Greenberg

Dr Melanie Greenberg is a psychologist, a relationship expert and a prolific writer. Her personal site provides access to some of her fantastic work, but a quick Google search will also show you hundreds of articles and books she has written.

GaGa Sisterhood

A great resource for tips on life, family, relationships and grand-parenting. Be sure to check out the gift section for unique present ideas.

Grandma’s Briefs

Lisa Carpenter’s blog (Grandma’s Briefs) is not just another blog about grand-parenting, it is in fact one of the longest running blogs on the topic on the web. On the site you will find all sorts of useful and amusing content.

Honey Good

Your only natural reaction after reviewing Honey Good is that Susan “Honey” Good is awesome! Her site has a massive amount of content, but her advice in relation to relationships is simply incredible.

Living Better 50

Living Better 50 is a great resource for women in retirement. However, we particularly find the content on relationships thoughtful and intelligent.


Nanahood tackles one of the important relationships in life, being a grandparent. Tesesa Kindred uses her years of experience to be provide the reader with access to original and fascinating content.

Retirement – Only the Beginning

Love Being Retired is one of the best retirement resources online. They have tips on just about every aspect of retirement, however, the content on family and love is brilliant.

Walker Thornton

Walker’s summary of herself gives a pretty good overview of what to expect from her blogSex Goddess, published author, avid reader, grandmother“. If you are looking for relationship advice in retirement – look no further.

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