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This site is a resource to help you live your life in accordance with the philosophy of The Retirement Recipe (“TRR”).

TRR is a philosophy and way of life to ensure once you retire you have an electrifying, exciting and unrestricted retirement.

You can learn all about TRR at our Start page.

How TRR was Born

About our own mini-retirement

We created TRR after seeing so many friends and family fail to take full advantage of their retirement due to certain restrictions placed on their lifestyles.

So many of these people had worked so hard their entire lives, but failed to fully enjoy an unrestricted retirement. Whether it be their health, their finances or their social life, there was something missing or restricting them from having the life they deserved.

It was only after a mini-retirement of our own that we were able to sit down and reflect on what ingredients were necessary in order to overcome the restrictions placed on people’s retirements.

During this time of reflection, we discovered that in order to have an unrestricted life you needed five ingredients. These being:

  • Financial freedom;
  • Travel and adventure;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Mental stimulation; and
  • Family and true friendships.

It was after this time of reflection and discovery that the philosophy of TRR was born.

TRR and You

You do not have to be scared and afraid. You do not have to make the same mistakes as others and live your life in boredom and disappointment. It is not too late for you to have the retirement you deserve.

Learn how to start mixing your ingredients to have an unrestricted retirement by going to our Start page.

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