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Welcome to The Retirement Recipe!

This is no ordinary cookbook!

The Retirement Recipe (“TRR”) is for you. The retired and free, and those planning to be retired and free. TRR is a philosophy and way of life to ensure once you retire you have the most electrifying and unrestricted retirement.

By visiting TRR you have taken the first step to ensuring that your retirement is just that – the most exhilarating time of your life!

What is The Retirement Recipe?

TRR is a mixture of five ingredients to overcome the five restrictions on people’s retirements.

We consider these ingredients are fundamental to you having a thrilling and extraordinary retirement. These are:

Financial freedom

Travelling and exploring

Wellness and Health

Mental stimulation and Philosophy

Family and Friends

Any one of these ingredients will improve your life. However, it is only the cooking of all five together that give you the true retirement recipe.

What is a “Restricted Retirement”?

A restricted retirement is a retirement where you are not living the life you want. It is a retirement where because you are missing one or more of the five ingredients, you are limited in your freedom to make the most of your retirement.

It may be that due to limited financial resources, poor physical and/or mental health, the inability to travel or even poor relationships. Whatever the cause, a restricted retirement is the retirement you do not want. It is a retirement of boredom and tediousness.

It is a devastating existence that we want to help you avoid.

If you are unsure whether you are living a restricted retirement, then please take a complementary “restriction assessment” which will help you determine whether there is an ingredient missing from your retirement.

The Blog

This website will outline meaningful ways of implementing each ingredient in your life through weekly blog posts. Blogs on each of the ingredients can be found below.


We will also provide you with access to trusted suppliers and resources that will provide you the necessary tools in order to have an unrestricted retirement.

Join the TRR Community

Before you go off and start mixing your ingredients, we would love you to join the TRR Community.

The TRR Community is a group of individuals who believe in the philosophy of TRR and seek to implement it in their everyday lives.

We encourage our members to provide us with advice and assistance to ensure the information, resources and gear on this site helps you mix and cook your ingredients.

We also highly encourage members to share their photos on our social media pages showing how they are implementing TRR in their lives.

So why not take action and join the TRR Community? You can join the TRR Community by signing up to our email list and by joining any of our social media groups.

Thank you for joining us

We hope the content and resources on this site helps you take action to start cooking up a storm.

However, we want to hear from you and want your advice. We will respond to your emails and take your advice seriously.

No one has all the answers. However, we hope with your assistance we can make retirement for millions of people the best time of their lives.

Now let’s get cooking…

The Retirement Recipe Team

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